Ask anyone who’s seen the wild ocean and they’ll tell you: the water you see in Boston and New York is not that. The ocean is blue, grey, foaming white, green, black, even purple sometimes, but never brown. I was never more than a few minutes away from the waves at home. I spent all summer in them.

It’s a strangely spiritual experience, bobbing in the waves. You can feel the power, the energy wash over you, through you, and there’s nothing you can do if it decides it wants to take you. I have never felt more alive than when I am in the ocean. At home, if I wanted to get away, I used to find the place on the shore where the waves crashed the loudest, find myself a comfortable place to sit, and lose myself in the endless patterns of foam and different shades of blue. I scared the hell out of the supervisors on our DofE trip because I had had enough of airheaded people talking nonstop about body lotion and wandered off to do this. I ended up sitting there for hours and to my surprise people had realized I had gone.

That, I think is the thing I miss most about home. I’m at university in Boston, and I walk down to the Charles River sometimes, but it’s not nearly the same. The water is dead; there’s barely a current and it’s this nasty muddy greenish colour. Sure, the walk by the river is pretty, and now that it’s getting sunnier I’m definitely going to be spending more time down there, but the water makes me kind of sad sometimes, because of how much crap this city has dumped in it. At one point it was blue and roaring and foaming and alive, and the city killed it.

Conclusion: I should not live anywhere permanently that doesn’t have any bodies of water that are alive.


How Far We Haven’t Come: All of the Terrible Ways the Media Treated Women in 2013 in One Video


When it comes to the portrayal and treatment of women in the media, we’ve come a long way since the Mad Men era. And yet, in 2013, it’s still not unusual to hear messages like “I’m not saying she deserved to be raped, but…” or “Women just aren’t as good at math as men” crop up on the web or on TV.

The Representation Project, a 501c3 nonprofit that aims to challenge gender stereotypes in media, created the above supercut to show just how pervasive sexism still is in the media.

We’ve come pretty far, but not far enough.

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Toads in Church

Very interesting.


I have long had a sense that the ordinary folk of England have not taken Christianity too seriously since Henry made such a mess of it, and this applies especially to far flung villages. This is a real gem from W.H Hudson’s wonderful book ‘Afoot in England’. I think this is somewhere in Devon – Hudson can be infuriatingly vague at times. He writes of arriving in the loveliest village he had ever seen, which was utterly silent.

“I was wishing that I had come a little earlier on the scene to have had time to borrow the key of the church and get a sight of the interior, when all at once I heard a shrill voice and a boy appeared running across the wide green space of the churchyard. A second boy followed, then another, then still others, and I saw they were going into the church by…

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Ophelia of the West Country

Interesting story.


Here’s a story from one of my favourite local history books, ‘Rural Rides of the Bristol Churchgoer’ by local newspaper editor Joseph Leech. In 1843 & 4 Leech visited churches in the Bristol region anonymously, and published his  reviews, much to the terror of local vicars. the results are a wonderful insight into the art and architecture of the region, but also brilliantly observed social histories. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever come across, his visit to Stapleton, then on the bleak outskirts of the city where a Poor House had been built, to replace a prison for French prisoner of war.

“The churchyard seems to be almost wholly used as a Golgotha for the neighbouring poorhouse, as the long ranks of little red clay-mounds, with a small inscribed footstone to each, indicated. I seldom saw a more desolate and cheerless-looking resting-place for the dead in…

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Undercover Video Shows Off-Duty Cops Laughing And Bonding With Would-Be Rapist

…so everyone but the cops. Wow.

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Are drunk girls in bars rape bait?

Or, is the onus of responsibility on society to not view women as sex objects, and men not to have sex with someone who hasn’t consented, or is unable to consent?

In this undercover video, two actors posed as an innocent seeming drunk girl and a man she doesn’t know trying to take her to his hotel in the middle of the day. First in an endearing and heartbreaking moment an older gentleman stops the man from leaving with the “drunk” girl because she reminds him of his own daughters. He lives in fear of what he sees on the news of young women being raped and killed, and did what he perceived as his duty to make the world safer for girls like his own.

The TV crew switches it up and replaces the innocent looking actress with a sluttier seeming, “party…

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